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otays jaded has some newies for ya:

during this summer jay has been working on his record label. he's signed a band called "Two Hit Creeper". all that i really know about it is someone is named michael and plays accordian (or w/e)

orgy's new album should be released around jan or feb of next year.

they will be touring all next year for their new album (kick ass!!)
also a couple more things to add to this list...

jay did not leave the band, contrary to some peoples belief.

an orgy dvd should be in store sometime next year. on the zoolander soundtrack orgy did a song called "faces".

jay's girlfriend is extremely beautiful..and she has very good taste

some had said to me that paige was going to get engaged with whats her face can't think of her name, i think it's melanie. but its not true. this rumor did not start on the message board.
remember the OMB is not the source of all of orgy's rumors!!