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Me..just because I can
real name: makes sense right?

nick names: jaded, jadey, jade-o, jaderade, queen of spade, gaterade, samache, lemonade, monkey in a bottle, monkey, sexy monkey, granade, shit ass, homey j, jj, jay (only sonja call me that), alex, alexis, fatima, dolores tina smith, shinki, hellshinki, chicken, chicken mamma, pimp momma, another veronica, baby jade, noodlez, and captain spock (known too a limited bunch)

living arena: woodbridge, nj but originally newark

education: WHS...oh god i hate math class the teacher is such a #$#%%$#$%#$%%$##$%

most orgyrific moment: when i got my little ghetto video was so ghetto..i was laughing..that was the night i did a front flip


fav drink: lots of illegal ones but non illegal would be Arizona green tea, nestea, dr. pepper, iced coffee, tea latte, and mountain dew

fav. words: tasty and funtabulous

fav quote: "i'd like to pursue a refreshing beverage"-me

fav movie: the matrix...but its not a movie its really real...really

fav cartoon: space ghost..because i have a life

what you hate the most: the guy @ 711 who yells @ me and lepys

hobbies: writing poetry and songs, acting, singing, dancing, and recording meaningless shit with ronnie

homey g's: james, j-man, jaimz, jess, deb, jules, jiz, sonja, skits, ronnie, bekka, not frankie-jay but jayson-jay, cab, tikki, salty, crystal, felicia, katrina, laur, lynz, my buddy, ry, tom, dan, stack-e, coy, normandy, butterfliez, lexy, kimmy, beamer, jada, and me...

fav bands: orgy, spineshank, afi, and nmso4