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make sure to inhale deeply
hey everyone. i know this site came manufactured but its still good. its not like you give a damn but there's a section about me so you can find out about the bitch behind the screen. lol



i finally made a banner it's in the kontact me section. also make sure to vote for me in the top 10 orgy sites. read my fiction!!! my birthday is in 2 days. the tension is rising.


my party kicked ass...oh yeah i updated the news. this time it's actually important. i'm thinking about changing the layout of the site. tell me what you think.

i recently found out that i'm a genuis so i'm takin the fics out and putting in a part about me...anything pertaining to the fics is irrelavent.


hey umm..i guess i'm going to take out the questioning sexuality section, just becuz i'm a good girl...yeah right. but i will take it out and stuff, yup.


holy sparky beans! its been 2 months without an update..well i guess there's mad news to fill in so be sure to check that. and lately i've noticed my site is doing some crazy whacked out shit so email me if it happens 2 you.


hey i added some new pics and some more news. damn this daylight savings time!!! remember to fall back!


yo yo homney g's!!! i'm updating the news more or less corecting it.


I'm adding a new pic of me...if anyone cares


since 20m has the need to be a huge prick i am searching for a new server or w/e its called. i'm html-retarded so if you could help that would be fantastatrastic!!!


~Note to self: Cut down coffee SEVERELY!!

the top 10 reasons why most orgy fans are declared legally insane
10. stole a dictionary out of a library just because they saw the word orgy

9. they got caught with tribal paint on their face while worshipping a orgy shrine they made out of 100 tubes of lipstick

8. they killed the person that threw away amir's half eaten sandwich

7. someone told them that "orgy sucks" and they flipped out and held them hostage for 8 months

6. they snook backstage and inhaled jay's hairspray and tried on his clothes

5. they went to a store and bought every last copy of vapor and candyass just because they thought nobody understands paige the way they do

4. when they found out orgy was in town they blocked off their street and put up a sign: orgy buses unload people here

3. they tried to mail themself to bobby's house

2. they were found in an air vent taking pictures of ryan in the shower

1. they carved orgy into their forehead and lit themself on fire for vip passes

got any others?

email me

a thought from JaDeD
i like chicken...hmmm

stuff, stuff, and more stuff
everyone should be like landrus, he's the most wicked orgy fan. he doesn't dress how you would expect. he's actually normal. its friggin crazy homes.

why do i have to be the only person in my school who dresses glammy? i mean it totally sucks. everyone always says cute pants or nice shirt. ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE!!!! ITS SUPPOSED TO BE GLAMMY!! whoa i need to take a chill pill i'm so damn creative!
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